Stoyan Genov

Simeon is my personal gym / fitness trainer for the last 6 months when I started the fight to get my health back after I have been neglecting it for over 20 years. I don’t have words strong enough to express my gratitude and satisfaction. He’s been careful, listening, still firm and demanding; he’s demonstrated tremendous knowledge and understanding of how body and brain work. With his knowledge, with his great attitude to his work in general and to me personally, with his skills to combine different exercises, training schedules and foods, he successfully leads me through my efforts to get fit, healthy and confident. I feel good, I look good! I highly recommend him for your personal fitness trainer. Thank you, Simeon!

Stoyan GenovChief Technology Officer at SumUp
Antoaneta Alipieva

Simeon approaches his training sessions with professionalism and dedication. He is genuinely concerned about the health and fitness of his clients and achieving both their short term and long term goals. Simeon makes his clients feel special by treating them with individual attention. I can honestly say that it’s thanks to him that I now have a love for exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Antoaneta AlipievaReal Estate Agent at Velis Consult Ltd.
Lucia Caprita

The training sessions with Simeon are both physical and spiritual in the sense that he is really committed to achieving the results I aim for (and I noticed the same level of commitment to other trainees as well). He is using all his knowledge to support me accomplish my objectives. Equally important to me is that he is explaining the mechanisms and the logic behind so that I fully understand the process and the impact of various workout sessions and nutrition factors as well. This way I feel and actually I am more engaged in the process, and more motivated to progress to the outcome I set for myself. He is pushy enough to challenge one person abilities (mental and physical as well), and motivating at the same time to get the best efforts out of me and achieve results. I would say that for his age this is rare, and usually, people need more experience to acquire these skills. Therefore, in my view, he is a natural born for this job. And not the least he is a smart guy, and the sessions with him are also fun, as he needs to entertain himself and hence the trainees benefit of that in the same time 🙂

Lucia CapritaHead of Treasury and Trade Solution at an International Bank
Stefan Kostov

Working with Simeon enabled me to develop a professional workout program that combined a clear understanding of how to perform exercises with a detailed knowledge of why the exercise was important and the benefits it would deliver. Simeon ensured that I got the very best out of every workout, he is an excellent motivator whilst also a source of wider lifestyle advice including how to achieve the benefits of healthy eating as part of a busy modern lifestyle. With his blend of professional sports expertise and holistic approach, I achieved a level of personal fitness that resulted in me being fitter than I had ever been in my life, built on a solid foundation to enable me to maintain it.

Stefan KostovHead of B2B operations at Baumax
Georgi Toshev

The personal training sessions with Simeon are charging, not only physically, but humanly. It’s really important for the trainer to have a personal touch to his clients, and to know them, to feel their current state of being.

Working with Simeon brings me not only physical intensity but a friendly communication, which is part of the general well being.

With him, one has different topics to talk about. He is not only well prepared on the matters of physical health and nutrition, but a man with general knowledge on various topics. Curious about the world and the others with a great sense of humor, and at the same time manages not to let you out of sight, making my attempts to slack during the sessions impossible.

Before I started to attend the gym I considered the gym a dull and boring activity. Waste of time. I preferred outdoor physical activities- jogging, tennis, swimming and hiking. I thought that a gym is a place only for bodybuilders. Simeon and the team he works with made my attendance to the gym useful and fun experience.

I started working out seriously at the age of 40 because, despite my good physical shape, the stress, unhealthy nutrition habits, travelling, and also the age drained my energy. I needed to recharge, to feel energetic again and, of course, to keep my health in check.

As I started I expected to lose the fat, get stronger and leaner. I’ve achieved it, now my goal is to preserve what I’ve got and improve upon it. The most important thing for me is to be healthy and have my energy levels up. Thanks to Simeon I’ve managed to like myself more!

Georgi ToshevProducer and Journalist at Shortcut Productions
Nevena Borisova

The workouts with Simeon are really recharging, intense and at the same time pleasant. He perfectly understands my needs and goals, evaluates my capabilities and helps me get results. Good psychologist- the training sessions are always tailored taking into account my physical and mental state. Simeon has a unique approach to each individual and manages to motivate you and make you believe that you can do it!

My job involves a lot of travelling and it’s really hard for me to stick to a plan all the time. I’ve decided that it’s in my best interest to hire a professional personal trainer who evaluates and tracks my physical load and progress. For the cases where I travelled and couldn’t make it to the gym, Simeon created a program with workouts and nutrition guidelines for me to follow on the go. This helped me tremendously to stay in shape, be consistent and most importantly- to be strong and healthy.

Nevena BorisovaAudit at Dundee Precious Metals
Maria Dimitrova

The training sessions with Monny are a great balance between a good workout and psychological relax. I would certainly recommend Monny as the trainer to all my friends! He’s great! So far I had the pleasure to work with many personal trainers and Monny is definitely among the top ones!

While I wrote my Ph.D. thesis, for approximately 6 months I spent most of the time at home – doing a triangle between the desk, the sofa and the bed. I realized that even minor activities like climbing steps were sooooo difficult. Then I decided to do something about my health and well-being. The result was not only good physical conditioning but also my body shape changed dramatically. When I started the training I expected to feel and look better but I’ve achieved much more than that and it’s all thanks to the support of Monny.

Maria DimitrovaCivil Servant at Prime Minister’s Office
Dimitrina Dobreva

The training sessions with Simeon are intensive, however, easy going and rewarding.He manages quite successfully to convert the challenging workouts into real fun, however without compromising with achieving the desired end results.I had quite a few questions and concerns before starting out but luckily for me, Simeon was the person with the right answers. I was wondering what should be the intensity, the duration as well as the type of exercises that should be included in the training sessions. How often should I go to the gym? How should I combine the cardio with the regular all muscle group exercises, should it come in the beginning, in the end, or as a separate session? How should I eat and take nutrition supplements in order to opt for the utmost results. Thanks to Simeon’s professional guidance and advises now I am starting to enjoy the anticipated results.Very important to me is for the personal trainer to be a professional who is able to deliver a custom-made approach and work out agenda that suits my own body needs – what works for me, in what order and in what quantity. He or she needs to be proactive, result driven and able to push me to make the needed extra mile, however without over exhausting me or making the training session a burden rather than the fun it should be in order to foster my interest and perseverance. All of the above plus some very professional counseling and advice I found in Simeon’s work out approach and I highly recommend his services.

Dimitrina DobrevaCorporate Sales Manager at Toyota Balkans
Petya Stoyanova

I needed a total change and started going to the gym. What I value the most from working with Simeon is a good communication. The workouts are effective and emotional. Thanks to it I’ve achieved mental balance and better health.

Petya StoyanovaArt director of "Lidi Gallery"
Ivan Tzankov

I’d describe the sessions with Simeon as “needed evil”, which turns into addiction. While choosing a coach I’m looking for someone designing the sessions in such a way that I can’t wait to come back to the gym I started training because I needed a change and adrenaline. I’ve got plenty of both. I now feel better in my skin, more energetic and toned.

Ivan TzankovEntrepreneur
Reni Yotova

Working with Simeon as my personal trainer is one recharging and thrilling experience. Every session is different from the previous and brings a pleasant surprise. I started to devote time for fitness activities because I believe there should be a balance between the intellectual and physical condition. I’ve chosen Simeon because of his professionalism and the trust he’s built with me. The results we’ve achieved together are great physical state of being, overall balance and plenty of joyful emotions.

Reni YotovaResponsable chez CREFECO/OIF
Hristo Petkov

Before starting the fitness training, I’ve maintained my physical health through swimming. I considered the gym training mostly strength oriented with a lot of possibilities for  injuries especially  for people with my medical conditions and traumas. My desire to acquire a good physical condition and maintain a good body composition especially through the winter lead me into the gym and Simeon. The workouts with him I’d shortly describe as really intense, highly effective, always adding new elements and movements to the sessions and always building upon the already achieved results. My physical health is better than ever and I feel I have more energy than ever.

Hristo Petkov
Nelina Velichkova

I had the luck to be introduced to the right personal trainer, who got my trust on a 100%. His professional approach and ability to choose exercises suitable for me and my level of conditioning recharge me and help me feel better. Honestly, I started training without a certain goal in mind, but the results I’ve achieved are mind blowing and inspiring. I’ve now got a straight back, great posture and better self-esteem.I feel healthy, strong and motivated to work even harder for achieving the “perfect body”. I’m thankful to Simeon for his dedication and personal approach to my needs.

Nelina VelichkovaSales associate at Sofia Airport
Radostina Lazarova

In a professional plan, I organize different events and I know that to get perfect results every detail is important. In that sense, I respect and value the professional and adequate input of my personal fitness trainer Simeon while organizing our sessions. He knows how to plan and has the right feel for which part of my body needs work and which muscle groups should be developed in order to achieve a great body composition. Since I started working with him I feel wonderful, I’ve lost weight and changed my body completely.

Radostina LazarovaEvent orginiser at TALENT PARTNERS CASTING
Evgeni Atanasov

You don’t have to be into the field of finance to know how important is to invest in your health, well-being and physical activity. My busy schedule, my doctors recommendations and the concerns of my family fueled my motivation to start fitness training. Having limited time to devote to the cause I wanted to maximize my time in the fitness and achieve the results and goals I’ve set for myself. The workouts with my trainer Simeon I’d describe as pleasant, different and energizing. Working with him has helped me to get rid of most of the fat, to strengthen my muscles and to feel and perform at top levels.

Evgeni Atanasov Team leader in Audit and Assurance department
Maria Pencheva

My personal trainer Simeon is unquestionably a true professional and as a person cool, nice and always positive dude, which makes me wait for our next training sessions with excitement. The reason that had led me to start training I ironically call “shapeless and soft”, and the results I got a combination of “body, will and health”.

Maria Pencheva
Iliya Yordanov

What I value the most from my sessions with Simeon is the intensity of the workouts which are always challenging yet customized to my needs and capabilities. He manages to help me develop my body in the most suitable and appropriate manner without going over the limit and without risk of injuries. With the professional notes and vision on how to get the optimal results I already feel much better, have more energy and love my body more than before.

Iliya Yordanov Works at Capitolia
Mariana Petkova

Before I thought that the fitness is an activity for the younger generation who are looking to get muscles and good body and not health benefits overall. I was afraid that I will get bored quickly and it will be really hard. I got motivation from my kids and their results, I’m glad that I was introduced to Simeon, a young person, who loves his job and brings professionalism to it. Our sessions are intensive, challenging and at the same time pleasant and effective. My goal is to be healthy overall, to stay away from medications and maintain my shape. I believe that with consistency, regular physical activity and the right personal trainer I’m on the right path achieving it.

Mariana PetkovaEnglish teacher

Last but not least my own transformation over the years. It’s been a long road but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

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