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I want to be just like “him”

I want to look like brad pitt

You know “him”. He’s got it all, he looks great and is not embarrassed to take his shirt off in public. He also doesn’t get all tired and heavy breathing while playing with his kids. After coaching hundreds of clients, I can confidently say: Wanting to be like ‘him’ can either fuel your ambition to strive for a better you or paralyze you completely. Here’s what to do about it. Read more

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Everything you need to know about body fat

Body fat is a subject that isn’t spoken much of among fitness enthusiasts. Not because it’s not important but because it’s really tricky and most of the people confuse it with weight. You want to be leaner and look better but the only indicator you go by is the scale, this could be the worst mistake. It can push you to do things that will do more harm than good to your body, but don’t you worry  In this article I will cover some of the most common questions I get and help you get a better understanding of what body fat actually is. I will go over: Read more

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Best training approach for fat loss. Battle between galaxies.

 Cardio vs Weight training for fat loss.

Fat loss is the first thing that people associate with fitness training. And usually, that’s the goal they have in mind when they join a gym. But what is the most optimal and fastest way to lose weight? Is it the treadmill, the elliptical machine or deadlifting 400 pounds? There is a battle between two realms in the fitness galaxy which fight for the title, king of fat loss.

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Don’t waste your time in the gym. 6 mistakes to avoid.

Our time on this planet is extremely limited but yet we waste it on worthless activities and tasks. Working out is an activity that has numerous health benefits but it can be really time-consuming. The commute to the gym, changing clothes, warming up, marathon workout, cool down, taking a shower and you are looking at 3 hours from your day. While you can’t escape the commute and the showering part(maybe you can lol) I will teach you what I do to optimize my workouts.

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