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I want to be just like “him”

I want to look like brad pitt

You know “him”. He’s got it all, he looks great and is not embarrassed to take his shirt off in public. He also doesn’t get all tired and heavy breathing while playing with his kids. After coaching hundreds of clients, I can confidently say: Wanting to be like ‘him’ can either fuel your ambition to strive for a better you or paralyze you completely. Here’s what to do about it. Read more


Recap of 2015

There is no better time than the end of December to do a recap of the year. While trying to find a comfortable position for my feet on the sofa, sipping on some coffee from my favorite mug I will share with you some of the vivid moments I had throughout the year. I know it is not a fitness related post but I was itching to take you back with me to some of my past year experiences.  Few of them are kinda fitness oriented, most are not, but they all blend together in the perfect mix to compose my best year thus far.
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