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why guys fail to get fit

Let’s just skip the fluff and get to it. When approaching training and nutrition to get in shape, you don’t have to think of yourself as a trainee…

You have to think of yourself as an investor.

You’re investing efforts in getting results. Achieving a positive return on the investment of your time, willpower, and money. You invest in looking and feeling better for the future. It’s an arbitrage play. Today you may look and feel a certain way but over the next couple of months, you expect that to change. That’s why you invest your time and resources wisely to make sure you get the results you want and not spin your wheels for months and years ahead.

And the guys who have impactful looking physiques understand this. The success of your nutrition and training efforts is all about simple math.

Yes, to be able to achieve sustainable results certainly involves the understanding of how your body works.

What might work for Daniel, might not work for you. That’s why following training and nutrition protocols downloaded from the first page of Google rarely works. You don’t know what the heck you are doing and how it affects your body.

You are simply guessing.

And that is not an ideal spot to be in.

Based on the desired outcome, you must have a clear path of action. You need to know what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, what needs to change, where it needs to change, how it needs to change, and most importantly, why it needs to change…. So you are able to get results on demand.

Again, the guys who look great year round understand this.

They can easily distinguish what is worth their time and what is not.

And that’s how and why they:


Because for them, it is.

For them, it’s black and white. It’s scientific, it’s objective. There’s no guesswork because, again, they understand few basic principles. And once you understand them, you can be wildly successful at this and look amazing even if you have very limited time at your expense.

It’s all about the return on investment.

And the 80/20 Pareto principle applies here. 20% of your efforts bring you 80% of the results. But yet 99% of you who try to get fitter and look better, focus on the 80% of the things that bring you little to no results. You spin your wheels. You workout, you eat healthily and still look the same. But why is that? Because:


You focus on what supplements to take, on whether you should be doing 10 or 15 repetitions, is it better to do cardio before or after workout, white rice or brown rice…. The list goes on. All of these things should come at a much later stage and have a MINOR IMPACT on the results you will get.

The biggest myth in all of the fitness world is that it is about “willpower” or simply “eating less and moving more”.

The common understanding is that any fitness failure to something so simple as “eat less, move more” is a failure of character.

For many of you, this is very familiar.

There’s a good chance that at some point in your life, many of you have probably tried to “eat less”. Perhaps you only ate salads and chicken.

You probably tried to “move more” too by running or maybe even going to the gym.

And I bet while these methods might have worked for a bit, eventually, you fell off the wagon.

You became too hungry and couldn’t help but break your diet. Maybe travel or work schedule derailed your exercise program. In reality, you didn’t fail because of a personal flaw. You failed because your plan was doomed from the start due to sheer biology.

Here’s the problem with “willpower” and the recommendation to “eat less and move more”.

When you decide to start any fitness regimen, there is a certain amount of friction or “pains” working against you – the pain of giving up your favorite foods, taking the time to exercise, giving up drinking, being constantly hungry, etc.

After some time has passed, you will have to determine (consciously or subconsciously) if the results are worth continuing. One week into a fitness regimen, you might ask yourself a few questions: “Did I lose enough weight?”, “Do I look better?”, “Do I feel healthier and more energized?”.

If the results outweigh the pain, then you continue…You are motivated.

But here is the thing. It’s usually the opposite.

The results after following a plan for a while are non-existent and you shortly find yourself quitting.

You stop going to the gym, you start over-eating again. For that very reason, fad diets are so popular and attract massive crowds. Because they bring “short term” results. You get that instant gratification. In the meantime though you cause massive damage to your body and that takes weeks and even months to be repaired. You end up gaining all the weight you’ve lost shortly after stopping with the “30-day plan” you followed.

You are right back at where you’ve started. THIS HURTS!

You start blaming your metabolism, your genetics…You seem to have it worst while everybody else gets it easy. But it has nothing to do with that. You just don’t have a plan of action. You don’t have realistic expectations that match your efforts. You just “guess” and do what everybody else does or says. But “guessing” rarely works. As a matter of fact in never does.


A foundational principle essential to your immediate & long term success at fitness! If you’re not tracking and measuring the return on investment of your efforts, you’re playing a completely different game than the successful at fitness guys are playing. They’re playing a game out on the playground, in the sun, with full view of the goal post. You’re playing in the dark.

Without a proper understanding of what you do, you can’t make decisions with any certainty.

You decide to cut out bread and not to eat certain foods. But what’s the reason? That’s what you’ve “heard”…. But the truth is you have no idea what’s really going on.

You’re left guessing and hoping you’re making the right moves.

And that’s not how the pros operate.

They’re not guessing, assuming, or hoping with any part of their training and nutrition. And NO it’s not about eliminating certain foods off of your diet and doing “special” training regimens.

You can eat everything and all the training styles could work, it’s just about the context and matching the plan you follow with the goals you have.

Frankly, for most of the guys who are not tracking their results and don’t have a basic understanding of why they do certain things both in and out of the gym, … I truly have no idea how they can expect to be successful (other than sheer luck).

Why do I say that?

Because, without tracking your efforts, nothing gets measured.And without anything being measured, nothing can be methodically improved. And the ability to methodically improve our results is at the foundation of what makes fitness such A beautiful activity for me!

It’s what makes what I do so much more exciting and valuable than just “I’m on a diet and off to the gym…”. Because I understand how everything works… and scientifically improve it over time to make progress. To feel better. And to look amazing of course.

But, you are operating blindly. You simply fail. Because you’re “trying” without the most important piece of information in this thing – proven to work framework. You don’t know what to do! You simply assume and follow the trends.

Just think about it like this. You want to look good and try hard, really hard but you have no idea why you do certain exercises or why you eat certain foods, and how they affect your body.

It is like being an investor and not tracking your investments.

The idea is simply absurd, right?

Imagine investing in the stock market without monitoring how well your different equities are performing… without monitoring whether you’re making money or losing money on different stocks… without monitoring which stocks are going up and which ones are going down… without monitoring which part of your portfolio is performing better or less than expected or as necessary for your investment goals.

How could those investors be expected to make consistent, smart decisions about which investments to cut, which to keep, which to scale up, which to scale down, or what to fix or change or tweak in their portfolio? Would you give your money to be managed to an investor like that?? Heck no!

Without tracking and measuring the performance of all the different pieces of their investment approach, how can those investors know if and when they need to change their investment strategy, if and when they need to adjust one stock holding over another, and if and when some piece of their investing method is way off the mark and needs to be addressed ASAP?

THEY CAN’T!! Exactly.

And the same holds true for you out there who aren’t investing time to understand the principles of training and nutrition.

You’re simply hoping the decisions you make are the correct ones and relying on speculations and assumptions.

“John lost 15 pounds doing this 27 day “get lean” program, I will try it myself, I have to lose some fat.”

Unfortunately, both you and John will probably end up where you started in a couple of months.

And it’s not your fault. You’ve been tricked by the media that it’s all sunshine and roses.  They have sold you the idea of “popping a pill” and looking like an actor overnight.

Wake up.. it doesn’t work like that! It’s an ongoing process.

The fact is that when you’re not operating based on assumptions but tracking your efforts, having the framework in front of you, fitness is truly no longer complicated, confusing, or mystifying.

It really is black and white. It’s straight-forward. It’s scientific. Cause it’s all easy! Much easier than you think.

My hope, by this point, is that I’ve opened your eyes a bit to how this “getting fit” game is supposed to be played — objectively and scientifically without having to guess or speculate about anything.

And that’s the big difference between the guys who look great year round and those who don’t. The big difference between them and the most who struggle to “look and feel good” is NOT in their motivation, willpower or knowledge. It really isn’t.

The big difference is in their recognition of the science behind fitness — they can distinguish what works and what doesn’t. And focus on the things that bring them results.

Positive Return on Investment.

This makes the whole game easy. I hope you see that now.

Weird Little Epilog: After creating and reviewing this article I came to a conclusion… There’s no doubt many readers are going to want more details and information about what I have just shared. I felt in my gut this idea of getting fit and investments, and science might come across overwhelming or intimidating to some. And I don’t want you or anyone else to walk away feeling that way.

Because nailing fitness and looking absolutely amazing is just too critical.

Like I said, it’s truly at the root of your success at getting fit. So, I’ve decided to go the distance for you. I’ve created series of emails (hint: you can’t find them anywhere else on the web) that will better teach you how to get results and why you should do things differently than everybody else.

P.S. If you ever tried to get fit and failed you absolutely must get in. The information you will be exposed to will be “eye-opening”for you. Your results should match your efforts. You work hard and you deserve to look great. 

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