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Fat burning workout

The holiday season is approaching quickly and it spells trouble. Trouble for anyone who cares to stay fairly lean. The root of all evil is the part we skip workouts and over eat or a better fitting word would be “stuff ourselves” with delicious but not so healthy food. We lose the battle on two fronts, not just one.

And as a defense, we use the lame excuse “I will start January first, 2016 is my year, I will look my best”. Read more

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8 things you should do to speed up your fat loss

Fat loss, probably the most common goal when people start training.

 “What should I do to lose the fat around the stomach area?”, “What should I eat to lose fat?”, “What workout plan should I follow to get rid of the fat?” these are questions that I get on a daily basis. And I completely understand where all that comes from. With all the information out there, trendy “fat loss diets”, “Lose 20 pounds in 20 days” workout plans, people get confused and lost. That often leads to completely ignoring the actual steps and the mental process involved with losing fat. Consistent effort is required in order to get your dream body. Read more

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Don’t waste your time in the gym. 6 mistakes to avoid.

Our time on this planet is extremely limited but yet we waste it on worthless activities and tasks. Working out is an activity that has numerous health benefits but it can be really time-consuming. The commute to the gym, changing clothes, warming up, marathon workout, cool down, taking a shower and you are looking at 3 hours from your day. While you can’t escape the commute and the showering part(maybe you can lol) I will teach you what I do to optimize my workouts.

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