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why guys fail to get fit

Let’s just skip the fluff and get to it. When approaching training and nutrition to get in shape, you don’t have to think of yourself as a trainee…

You have to think of yourself as an investor.

You’re investing efforts in getting results. Achieving a positive return on the investment of your time, willpower, and money. You invest in looking and feeling better for the future. It’s an arbitrage play. Today you may look and feel a certain way but over the next couple of months, you expect that to change. Read more

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The ultimate guide to getting fit

how to get fit

You know how when people talk about their success with getting fit they rarely talk about the strategy they use?

Like, they might say “I started exercising and eating healthy and I lost 15 lbs!”…but rarely do they dive in and explain HOW they actually got rid of the weight?

What I mean is…

How did they train?

What did they do exactly?

What are they eating?

And most importantly, did they make any lifestyle changes…or they just went on “a diet”? Read more

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John vs Tim. Which one are you?

John vs Tim. Which one are you?


This is a concept that Andre Chaperon used to illustrate the two different types of internet marketers. I remodeled his work to present you the two types of people that approach healthy living. In the following article, I will describe the key differences between them and why ones succeed and others fail.

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Best training approach for fat loss. Battle between galaxies.

 Cardio vs Weight training for fat loss.

Fat loss is the first thing that people associate with fitness training. And usually, that’s the goal they have in mind when they join a gym. But what is the most optimal and fastest way to lose weight? Is it the treadmill, the elliptical machine or deadlifting 400 pounds? There is a battle between two realms in the fitness galaxy which fight for the title, king of fat loss.

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