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A list of 50 protein foods you can add to your diet

Protein is one of the three macro-nutrients that fuels our bodies. And while carbohydrates and fats in one’s diet are questioned, we almost all agree that protein should be the staple of any nutrition plan. It also has numerous benefits, supports weight loss, muscle building, and metabolic health.  These are few of the reasons why we are so obsessed with it, but what else does protein do for us? It works to slow the release of carbohydrates into our bloodstream, which can prevent the sudden spikes in blood sugar levels that are associated with fat storage and drop of energy. Read more

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Everything you need to know about body fat

Body fat is a subject that isn’t spoken much of among fitness enthusiasts. Not because it’s not important but because it’s really tricky and most of the people confuse it with weight. You want to be leaner and look better but the only indicator you go by is the scale, this could be the worst mistake. It can push you to do things that will do more harm than good to your body, but don’t you worry  In this article I will cover some of the most common questions I get and help you get a better understanding of what body fat actually is. I will go over: Read more

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8 things you should do to speed up your fat loss

Fat loss, probably the most common goal when people start training.

 “What should I do to lose the fat around the stomach area?”, “What should I eat to lose fat?”, “What workout plan should I follow to get rid of the fat?” these are questions that I get on a daily basis. And I completely understand where all that comes from. With all the information out there, trendy “fat loss diets”, “Lose 20 pounds in 20 days” workout plans, people get confused and lost. That often leads to completely ignoring the actual steps and the mental process involved with losing fat. Consistent effort is required in order to get your dream body. Read more

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Whole wheat tortillas with lean ground beef

Eating while on a fat loss journey doesn’t have to be boring. Try this amazing recipe, whole wheat tortillas with lean ground beef. Add mozzarella cheese for melting, rich flavor in your mouth. And YES, this can be included in fat loss meal plan. No more broccoli and chicken but no seriously try it out it’s delicious.
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