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Quick Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

Super quick and easy healthy breakfast recipe. Oatmeal adds a nice texture to the pancake so we use it as a base and we add 2 simple ingredients to get a protein packed breakfast. Eggs and yogurt. Hopefully, you will find this helpful and let me know what you guys think when you make it. Read more

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Why full body workouts might be perfect for you

Are you struggling with consistency? Can’t stick to a workout program? You miss a training day, start feeling guilty and then skip the rest of your weekly scheduled workouts? Are you a beginner just getting started? Or you simply don’t have time to workout 5 times a week. Then read on. Full body workouts might be just the thing for you.

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What you don’t know about metabolism

Some people think metabolism is a body part, that influences digestion.

Actually, that is far from the truth.

Metabolism is the process of transforming food (e.g. nutrients) into fuel (e.g. energy).  The body uses this energy to conduct a vast array of essential functions.

In fact, your ability to read this page is driven by your metabolism(the speed of your metabolism doesn’t affect the speed of your reading, don’t worry). Read more